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PUFFIN RUSH : An Arctic Animal Adventure

Help your hungry puffins make their way across the snowy Arctic to find a fish and get it home to their burrow.

What other Arctic animals will you uncover along the way and will they help or hinder you?

This game of chance and tactics is fun for all the family and after being 100% funded on Kickstarter it is finally here! 

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2-4 Players
5-10 mins
Age 5+


Ben & Lee love games! They also love crime and mysteries. That's why they are the founding fathers of one of the UK's premier murder mystery events companies. So when the shows shut down during the pandemic and lockdowns, they had to come up with another outlet for their creative energies, and Foul Play Games was born! Working alongside After Dark Murder Mystery Events to produce their very first game they quickly realised that they had as much passion for game production as they did for live productions, so decided to carry on designing delicious and dastardly games with a criminal or mystery theme even after live shows were back on the cards again. The third member of the masterminds behind Foul Play Games happens to be Ben & Lee's seven-year-old son, who inspired by his dads' endeavors has designed his own heist game which will be going into production very soon. 

We've currently got 5 games in various stages of design so watch this space for Foul Play and Fun Play coming your way soon! 

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The game that started it all!

The murder mystery card game sold over 1000 units in its first month of release and garnered rave reviews from family bloggers, tabletop bloggers, crime writers and authors alike. With two versions already out in the big wide world and a live tie in event coming to a venue near you soon there's more in the works for this amazing little game that let's you play as either good cop or bad cop to uncover the clues, seek out the suspects and solve the crime! 

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Designed by the youngest member of the Foul Play Family (The 9-year-old!), Puffin Rush is a fun game of chance and tactics for all ages. Race across the snow-covered Arctic to be the first to find a fish, and get it home to your burrow. What other Arctic Animals will you meet along the way, and will they help or hinder you?

Beautifully illustrated by Jacqui Davis,

Puffin Rush is live on Kickstarter from  Tuesday 7th February



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After Dark

Ben & Lee are two of the founding members of After Dark Murder Mystery Events so it was only fitting that their first game Foul Play be released in collaboration with the criminal masterminds at the UK's premier murder mystery company. 

There's now even a Foul Play Live Event that brings the mystery of the game to life so check out the website to find out more!


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The home of Dragons, Dinosaurs, and Wizards, and the inspiration for one or two of our newest games!

Funcast is a live interactive events company witha difference and brings magic to life across the UK for lovers of the magical and fantastical of all ages!

A Brand new dragon-themed show will be coming soon to tie into a brand new top-secret Dragon game, visit the website to find out more!


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