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Foul Play Murder Mystery Card Games 

The History behind the game...

Lockdown does strange things to people, especially actors who can't go out and do shows. So one fateful evening Ben & Lee Cooper-Muir decided to come up with a whole new way to murder people. Keeping their cards close to their chests they plotted and schemed until Foul Play: The Murder Mystery Card Game was born. So what to do next? Well, they did own a murder mystery events company, one that wasn't doing many events. Maybe they could collaborate to bring the game to the masses. When Lockdown restrictions were eased a top secret meeting was held with the criminal masterminds of After Dark. Ben, Lee, Helen Burrows, Sophie Webster & and Tom Fisher, and a pact was made. The game would be launched and licensed under the After Dark banner. The team burst into action and then began the beta testing, design updates, promotional planning, character changes, proofing, proofing, and more proofing until finally all the kinks were ironed out, all the mysteries solved and FOUL PLAY came to life!

We hope you enjoy playing it, and although we'll all hopefully be back to performing soon WATCH THIS SPACE! Now we know we can make games we've got a lot more fun things planned for the future! 

Find Out More...

Having partnered with After Dark Murder Mystery Events the game was released. 

We are fortunate to have a dedicated website for Foul Play - Murder Mystery Card games, so to find out more click the link below. 

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